We imagine a world in which humanity places respect for natural resources at the top of the value scale and strives with talent and passion for their responsible and conscious use.


Creating sustainable solutions through the skillful use of natural resources and technological innovation, generating environmental and social value.

Le GreenHouse

Le GreenHouse is the first Consortium of companies specializing in cultivation in an agrophotovoltaic environment.

The first agricultural plants in photovoltaic environment were set up on the Calabria’s Tyrrhenian coast in 2011 with Lao Greenhouse soc. agr. a r.l. and on the Ionic coast wih Sybaris Greenhouse soc. agr. a r.l.. In 2018 the project was repeated in the Umbria region and later, in 2019, in the Sardinia region with Sardinia Greenhouse soc.agr. a r.l.. To this day, the continuous experimentation and the constant monitoring enable to register important data in terms of sustainability, encouraging Le Greenhouse to an increasing commitment in the winning combination between electricity generation and agricultural production throughout the whole Italian territory.

The Consortium advises companies that operate in this field by providing a design package for land improvement plans and coordination of the implementation of new agrophotovoltaic plants, with the supply of monitoring systems aimed at optimising production factors and a possible subsequent management.