Research and development

We carry out research activities to generate a radical change in the way of doing agriculture by developing sustainable and innovative cultivation techniques, and at the same time we foster energy production from renewable sources.


Active projects:

11 active photovoltaic greenhouse plants totalling approximately 40 cultivated hectares and 18.000 plants in a full vegetative and productive state.

Agricultural plants:

We offer agricultural plants construction services under photovoltaic greenhouse facilities.


We offer cultivation services in photovoltaic greenhouse facilities with an installed capacity of 1MWp or more.

Design, realization and management

Active projects: around 432 MWp of new agrophotovoltaic being developed in the Sardinia and Calabria regions.

With Set Sviluppo srl and SetEnergie srl groups we design, realize and manage agrophotovoltaic plants. In cooperation with Consorzioquattro s.c.a.r.l. we offer agronomic consulting.

With SetEnergie srl and SetSviluppo srl we design, realize and manage agrophotovoltaic plants.